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Brev. IV.27.4

After Marius had defeated Jugurtha and Bocchus…

Aliquanta et ipse oppida Numidiae cepit

belloque terminum posuit

        capto Jugurtha

            per quaestorem suum Cornelium Sullam, ingentem virum,

        tradente Boccho Iugurtham

    qui pro eo ante pugnaverat





  • Numidiae: Numidia was the kingdom of Jugurtha and the battlefield for the entire Jugurthine War.
  • capto Jugurtha: Ablative absolute. Translated literally as "with Jugurtha having been captured." AblAbs
  • per ... Sullam: Eutropius tends to use per plus an accusative to express who is causing the action, which, in this case, is the capturing of Jugurtha.
  • quaestorem: Quaestors had various functions in Roman government from managing financial matters in the city of Rome to the function here of Sulla: serving as an aide to a general on campaign or a governor in a province.
  • ingentem virum: Though typically translated as "huge" or "immense," ingentem here is referring not to the physical size of Sulla but rather his "mighty" or "remarkable" nature.
  • tradente Boccho Jugurtham: Similar to how Jugurtha originally swayed Bocchus to become his ally, L. Cornelius Sulla made an agreement with Bocchus that, if he handed over Jugurtha, Bocchus would receive part of the Numidian kingdom. AblAbs
  • qui ... pugnaverat: qui refers back to Bocchus whereas eo refers to Jugurtha. Before translating, compare the sentence Bocchus pro Jugurtha ante pugnaverat.

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