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Brev. V.4.1

After the end of the Social War…

    Anno urbis conditae sexcentesimo sexagesimo secundo

primum Romae bellum civile commotum est

eodem anno etiam Mithridaticum.

Causam bello civili C. Marius sexiens consul dedit. 





  • anno urbis conditae sexcentesimo sexagesimo secundo: Although Eutropius is using the standard dating system and dating the event "from the founding of the city" in 753 BCE, he is still a little off in his dates. The First Mithridatic War and Sulla's civil war against Marius began in 88 BCE rather than in 92 BCE as Eutropius reports. AblAbs
  • Romae: Remember CitSiDHR (cities, small islands, domus, humus, and rus) often appear in the locative to show place where. Loc
  • bellum civile: This civil war is referring to the series of battles that occured between the forces of Marius, an optimate, and Sulla, a populare. Both of these figures had gained much military renown, popularity, and therefore, power during the Jugurthine Wars.
  • Mithridaticum: Supply bellum as with civile above. This was the first of three wars between Rome and Mithridates, the King of Pontus.
  • causam bello civili ... dedit: bello civili is acting as a kind of indirect object. Translate as "He gave a cause to the civil war..."
    In a more familiar order: C. Marius sexiens consul causam bello civili dedit.

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