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Brev. V.8.2

After Sulla battled Marius the Younger…

Mox etiam urbem ingressus est.

Marium, Marii filium, Praeneste persecutus obsedit,

et ad mortem conpulit.

Rursus pugnam gravissimam habuit

    contra Lamponium et Carinatem, duces partis Marianae,

ad portam Collinam.





  • ingressus est: Sulla is still our subject (carried over from the last page).
  • Marium: This is still Marius Iunior, the son of the Marius, the enemy of Sulla.
  • Praeneste: This was an ancient Latin town, located here near Rome. see also
  • Lamponium et Carinatem: Lamponius and Carinas were leaders of the Marian faction.
  • duces partis Marianae: The Marian faction was the equivalent to the Roman political party, the Populares, who championed the conservative interests of the aristocracy.
  • ad portam Collinam: The Porta Collina, the Colline Gate was an old monument, said to have been built by Servius Tullius, the sixth king of Rome. ad here means "near" rather than "towards."

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