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Brev. VI.12.2

Mox ei delatum etiam bellum contra regem Mithridatem et Tigranem

Quo suscepto Mithridatem in Armenia Minore nocturno proelio vicit,

castra diripuit,

viginti tantum de exercitu suo perdidit et duos centuriones.

Mithridates cum uxore fugit et duobus comitibus.





  • et Tigranem: Tigranes was the king of the nearby kingdom of Armenia and the son-in-law of Mithridates. Tigranes had avoided direct contact with the Romans in previous wars because Mithridates had promised to allow him to freely expand East while he busied himself with expanding West.
  • ei delatum: There is an understood est with delatum. Ei here refers to Pompey. After putting an end to the pirate raids so quickly, he was given unprecedented power in the East through the Lex Manilia. Despite his victories, Lucllus lost his command since some Romans thought that he was deliberately prolonging the war for his own benefit.

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