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Brev. VI.12.3

Neque multo post,

        cum in suos saeviret,

Pharnacis, filii sui,

    apud milites seditione ad mortem coactus

venenum hausit.

Hunc finem habuit Mithridates.





  • venenum hausit: Though Mithridates tried to take poison to kill himself, he had purposefully built up an immunity over time by taking small doses of poison. He eventually had to kill himself by his sword.
  • cum...saeviret: Mithridates's preparations to renew the war against the Romans proved too harsh. CumCaus
  • Supply milites with suos.
  • apud milites seditione: He had been pushing his troops for too long. The First Mithridatic War began in 88 BCE. This was now 63 BCE. He and the Kingdom of Pontus had been at war with Rome for more than twenty years.

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