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Brev. V.8.1

During the Social War…

    Sed, cum Romae mutati consules essent,

    Marius, Marii filius, ac Papirius Carbo consulatum accepissent,

Sulla contra Marium iuniorem dimicavit,

et XV milibus eius occisis CCCC de suis perdidit.





  • cum... essent: The consuls began their new term at the start of the new year in January. CumCircum
  • Romae A locative. Loc
  • cum... mutati essent... accepissent: There is an implied et between these two verbs. Nota bene: This is the son of Marius and not the Marius about whom we have been reading. His son replaced him as consul in 86 BC after his father died only a few days into his term.
  • Marium iuniorem: The iuniorem further emphasizes that Sulla is fighting not his original opponent but instead Marius' son, "the younger Marius."
  • XV milibus [militibus] occisis: Supply militibus. Translated literally as "with 15,000 [soldiers] having been killed" AblAbs
  • CCCC [milites] de suis perdidit: The number (of soldiers) serves as a direct object, rather than fitting with de suis.

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