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Brev. V.1.4

After Marius was elected consul for a fourth timeā€¦

Cum Cimbris itaque conflixit

et duobus proeliis CC milia hostium cecidit,

LXXX milia cepit et ducem eorum Teutobodum,

    propter quod meritum

absens quinto consul est factus.





  • CC milia: Rather than write out the words for numbers, Eutropius often uses Roman numerals in order to save space -- an especially important thing to do in such an abbreviated version of history. Remember that "C" is the equivalent to 100.
  • LXXX milia: L=50, X=10 each
  • ducem eorum: eorum here refers back to the German tribe, the Cimbri.
  • proper quod meritum: meritum is a perfect passive participle describing quod. Translate as "on account of which merited thing." PerfPassPart
  • quinto: Understand tempore with quinto. Here is his fifth consulship out of seven.
  • absens: Despite being away and fighting in Germany, Marius, in an unusual turn of events, was still voted consul. Usually a person had to be present to be elected into this position.

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