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Brev. V.9.1

After Gnaeus Carbo was killed in Sicily…

Occiso ergo Carbone Siciliam Pompeius recepit.

    Transgressus inde ad Africam,

Domitium, Marianae partis ducem, et Hiarbam, regem Mauritaniae

    qui Domitio auxilium ferebat,






  • Occiso ... Carbone: AblAbs
  • Pompeius: Gnaeus Pompey was an ally of Sulla, and after the Battle of the Colline Gate, he pursued the remaining allies of Marius.
  • Mauritania: Mauritana was the country of Bocchus, who was an ally of Jugurtha in the Jugurthine War. Originally a tribal Berber kingdom, it was located here in Northern Africa.

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