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Brev. VI.6.1

        Anno urbis conditae sexcentesimo septuagesimo sexto,

        L. Licinio Lucullo et M. Aurelio Cotta consulibus

mortuus est Nicomedes, rex Bithyniae,

et per testamentum populum Romanum fecit heredem.





  • Anno urbis... sexto: Eutropius is (again) a little off again in his dating. This event occured in 75/4 BCE. When did Eutropius say the event happened?
  • Bithyniae: The ancient kingdom of Bithynia is located here in modern day Turkey, right next to the Bosphorus Strait, which leads directly into the Black Sea.
  • fecit heredem: When Nicomedes passed away, he left the kingdom of Bithynia in the hands of the Roman people, rather than leaving it to his heir. The Roman Senate accepted this gift with the knowledge that this might upset the powers in the East.

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