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Brev. IV.26

After Jugurtha besieged the Numidian city of Cirta...

    P. Scipione Nasica et L. Calpurnio Bestia consulibus

Iugurthae, Numidarum regi, bellum inlatum est

        quod Adherbalem et Hiempsalem, Micipsae filios,

        fratres suos, reges et populi Romani amicos, interemisset.





  • P. Scipione ... consulibus: The Romans measured time in two ways: (1) ab urbe condita, "from the founding of the city", and (2) by naming the two consuls who held office that year. This event occured in 642 AUC or 111 BCE by modern reckoning. AblAbs
  • Iugurthae... bellum inlatum est: Here Jugurtha is pictured on a 1969 Tunisian dinar. DatComp
  • Numidiarum: Numidia was a kingdom in North Africa, specifically modern day Algeria and Tunisia, located here.
  • quod...interemisset: In a relative clause, quod uses a subjunctive like interemisset to introduce a statement from the author's perspective. QuodSubjunc
  • Hiempsalem: The older adopted brother of Jugurtha, Hiempsal was assassinated by Jugurtha's associates, while cowering in a maid's closet (according to Sallust).
  • Adherbalem: The younger adopted brother of Jugurtha, Adherbal had come to Rome and begged the Senate for help after his brother's assassination. The Romans, heavily bribed by Jugurtha, refused, but did send a commission led by Lucius Opimius, which divided Numidia into two. Jugurtha, however, was unhappy with the settlement, and he killed his brother — and many Romans — at the seige of Cirta, located here.

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