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Brev. V.4.2

The Civil War began as…

Marius adfectavit,

    ut ipse ad bellum Mithridaticum mitteretur.

Qua re Sulla commotus cum exercitu ad urbem venit.

Illic contra Marium et Sulpicium dimicavit.





  • ut ipse ... mitteretur: An Uu purpose clause showing what Marius had hoped for. UtPurp
  • Qua re: Sometimes written as one word: quare. Translate as "On account of which thing..." or "for which reason..."
  • ad urbem: The fact that Sulla brought his army into the city of Rome was very significant. By bringing his army to the city, Sulla was declaring war on the whole Roman state.
  • Sulpicium: Sulpicius originally served as the legate to Gnaeus Pompey, who in turn was a general for Sulla. However, he defected to the Marian faction because Marius had promised that he would help to alleviate his debt.

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