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Sertorian War

80-72 BCE

Roman Republic vs. Quintus Sertorius & Iberians
Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius and Gnaeus Pompeius vs. Quintus Sertorius

After Sertorius’ successful run as governor in Hispania in 82 BCE, the Lusitanians later asked him to return in 80BCE and help them rebel against the Romans. The Senate sent Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius as the new governor of Hispania Ulterior when they heard of the growing threat of Sertorius. For two years, Sertorius countered his efforts with guerilla tactics and succeeded.

In 77 BCE, Gnaeus Pompeius was granted command against Sertorius. In 75 BCE, Hirtuleius was killed by Metellus at the Battle of Segovia. At the Battle of Sucro, there was a draw between the forces. At the Battle of Sanguntum, Sertorius was forced into battle and was subsequently defeated. Finally in 73 BCE, there was a growing rift between the traitorous Roman military leaders and the upper class Iberians, and Sertorius was assassinated in 72 BCE.

This war allowed the young Pompey the Great - a nickname bestowed upon him by Sulla - to continue to prove his military prowess and to thus gain more popularity with the Roman people.


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