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Brev. V.9.3

Once Sulla and Gnaeus Pompey had celebrated their triumphs…

Hunc finem habuerunt duo bella funestissima,

    Italicum, quod et sociale dictum est,
et civile,

    quae ambo tracta sunt per annos decem.

Consumpserunt autem ultra CL milia hominum, viros consulares XXIV,

praetorios VII, aedilicios LX, senatores fere CC.





  • Italicum, quod et sociale dictum est: The Social Wars are also known as the Italic Wars. During this war, Roman socii or allies, sought to obtain full Roman citizenship.
  • et civile: This Civil War occurred between Sulla and Marius as they struggled over who would be the dominant influence in Rome and whose political philosophies would prevail.
  • The numbers are a little questionable, as Eutropius is prone to exaggeration. Consulares were former consuls. Praetors and aediles were high-ranking positions within the government. The praetors served as judges and aediles dealt in financial matters. As government officials, these deaths were particularly detrimental to Roman morale.

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