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Brev. VI.6.3

Mithridates seemed to be winning the war…

Sed cum se inde Mithridates Cyzicum transtulisset,

    ut Cyzico capta totam Asiam invaderet,

Lucullus ei, alter consul, occurrit.

    Ac dum Mithridates in obsidione Cyzici commoratur,

ipse eum a tergo obsedit fameque consumpsit et multis proeliis vicit,

postremo Byzantium, quae nunc Constantinopolis est, fugavit.





  • cum se ... transtulisset ... ut invaderet: CumCircum UtPurp
  • Cyzicum: As a city, it does not need a preposition to express place to which. Loc. Cyzicus was located here on a tombolo, i.e., an island connected to the mainland by a thin piece of land. It was located well for trade.
  • dum Mithridates ... commoratur: Here, the contemporaneous actions of Lucullus and Mithridates are established. DumCl
  • Byzantium: Also known later as Constantinople, the city was also located here on the Bosphorus. Originally an ancient Greek colony, it became a key trading port. As a city, it does not need the preposition ad to show place to which. Loc

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