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Brev. V.9.2

After Carbo’s successes in Africa…

Post haec Sulla de Mithridate ingenti gloria triumphavit.

Cn. etiam Pompeius,

        quod nulli Romanorum tributum erat,

    quartum et vicesimum annum agens

de Africa triumphavit.





  • Post haec: "These things" being the fact that the forces of the Marian factor had been stopped in Africa and Sulla was now unopposed.
  • de Mithridate ... triumphavit: Translate "He celebrated a triumph ... concerning Mithridates."
  • Cn. etiam Pomeius: Eutropius is delaying the etiam and placing it between the praenomen and cognomen.
  • de Africa triumphavit: See note above on de Mithirdate ... triumphavit.
  • quod ... tributum erat.... triumphavit: Quod is acting as a relative pronoun, though the antecedent is a little unclear. Translate as "he celebrated a triumph, which had been offered..."
  • annum agens: This form of ago should be translated as "living." Take note that when Pompey was "living his twenty-fourth year of life," he was twenty three years old. Eutropius is again stressing how young Pompey is at this time.

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