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Brev. V.3.4

Despite the success under Marius, Pompey, and Sulla…

Quadriennio cum gravi tamen calamitate hoc bellum tractum est.

    Quinto demum anno

finem accepit per L. Cornelium Sullam consulem,

    cum antea in eodem bello ipse multa strenue,

    sed praetor, egisset.





  • cum gravi ... calamitate: An ablative of manner with tamen separating the adjective-noun pair. AblMan
  • per ... Sullam consulem: Remember that Eutropius has a tendency to use per plus an accusative to express agency in the same way that passive verbs typically use ab plus an ablative. Translate as "through the actions of" or "by."
  • cum ... egisset: Remember that egisset is the perfect subjunctive of ago, which, when paired with bellum, idiomatically means "to wage war." CumCircum
  • in eodem bello: Forms of is, ea, id can be compounded with the suffix -dem to mean "the same." Isdem
  • praetor: Praetors were government officials, second only to consuls, who served as judges. See here.

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