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Brev. VI.1.1

After the end of the Civil and Social wars…

        M. Aemilio Lepido Q. Catulo consulibus,

    cum Sulla rem publicam conposuisset,

bella nova exarserunt,

unum in Hispania, aliud in Pamphylia et Cilicia,

tertium in Macedonia, in Dalmatia.





  • M. Aemilius Lepido Q. Catulo consulibus: These two men were consuls in 79 BC. AblAbs
  • M. Aemilius Lepido: This the father of the rather well-known Lepidus, who took part in the Second Triumvirate alongside the more famous Octavian (the future Emperor Augustus) and Mark Antony.
  • Hispania...Pamphylia...Cilicia...Macedonia...Dalmatia: During this time, wars arose across the Mediterranean, thus threatening the Romans. See this map.

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