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Brev. V.3.3

Facing opposition from the Italian states of the Piceni and Marsi…

A Romanis bene contra eos pugnatum est a C. Mario,

    qui sexiens consul fuerat,

et a Cn. Pompeio,

maxime tamen a L. Cornelio Sulla,

    qui inter alia egregia, ita Cluentium, hostium ducem,

    cum magnis copiis fudit,

        ut ex suis unum amitteret.





  • pugnatum est: An impersonal verb, translate as "it was fought," and use a Romanis as well as C. Mario as an indicator of who was doing the fighting. indicator of who was doin Impers
  • Cn. Pompeio: Gnaeus Pompeius is the Pompey, who later played a large role alongside Julius Caesar and his First Triumvirate. At the beginning of this war, Pompey began to gain fame as a military general. Like Marius, this military fame later earned him great popularity with the people of Rome.
  • cum magnis copiis fudit: Not to be translated as "poured out" but rather as "routs" or "puts to rout." Also remember that copia in the plural means "troops."
  • ut ... amitteret: This ut result clause is signalled by maxime. Translate as "it was fought so greatly by Lucius Cornelius Sulla, who ..., that he lost.... UtRes

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