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Brev. V.4.3

When Sulla fought Marius and Sulpicius…

    Primus urbem Romam armatus,

ingressus est,
Sulpicium interfecit, Marium fugavit,

atque ita

    ordinatis consulibus in futurum annum Cn. Octavio et L. Cornelio Cinna

ad Asiam profectus est.





  • Romam: Translate as "to Rome. " CitSiDHR nouns appear also without a preposition to express place to which. Loc
  • Sulpicium: Sulpicius was discovered in a villa in the town of Laurentem and was killed. His head was sent back to Sulla, and it was later placed in the Forum as a warning to others, who might consider changing sides.
  • ordinatis consulibus ... Cn. Octavio et L. Cornelio Cinna: An ablative absolute. Translate as "with consuls having been arranged/chosen...." This pair of consuls was an interesting match as Octavius was a populare and Cinna an optimate. In opposite political factions, the two often quarrelled. AblAbs

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