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Brev. V.1.1

At the same time as the Jugurthine War...

        Dum bellum in Numidia contra Iugurtham geritur,

Romani consules M. Manlius et Q. Caepio

a Cimbris et Teutonis et Tugurinis et Ambronibus,

    quae erant Germanorum et Gallorum gentes,

victi sunt

    iuxta flumen Rhodanum et ingenti internicione;

etiam castra sua et magnam partem exercitus perdiderunt.





  • Dum bellum...geritur: Dum (while) clause. DumCl
  • M. Manilius et Q. Caepio: Quintus Servilius Caepio, a consul, had been sent in 106 BCE to confront these Northern threats. He managed to recover the city, Tolosa, located here in Gallia. After this event, Gnaeus Mallius, a consul of 105 and a novus homo, i.e., someone who was the first in his family to become consul, joined him. It was not M. Manlius as Eutropius reports.
  • victi sunt ... ingenti internicione: Because Mallius would not cooperate with his superior, Caepio, the Romans suffered at a great loss at the city, Arausio, located here near the Rhone River. Some 80,000 men were lost. Here is a map of the German invasions.
  • a Cimbris et Teutonis et Tugurinis et Ambronibus: These are different German and Gallic tribes. The Cimbri were the main instigators in this war.
  • magnam partem exercitus: "a great part of the army" — exercitus is being used as a partitive genitive or a genitive of the whole. PartGen

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