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Brev. V.2.2

At the Battle of Vercellaeā€¦

Romani milites

    ex utroque exercitu

trecenti perierunt.

Tria et triginta Cimbris signa sublata sunt;

ex his exercitus Marii duo reportavit,

Catuli exercitus XXXI.

Is belli finis fuit;

triumphus utrique decretus est.





  • trecenti: Describes milites.
  • perierunt: Syncopated or shortened form of periverunt. Possibly to save more space in this shortened edition of history. SyncForm
  • Cimbris ... sublata sunt: Translate as "... were removed from the Cimbri." AblSep
  • duo: Supply signa or "standards." Military standards were carried by Roman legions. To have one's standard be captured by the enemy was a great symbolic — and literal — loss. Alternatively, to recover them from the enemy was a great victory.
  • XXXI: Signa can be understood with XXXI just as with duo above. Supply reportavit as the verb.

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