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Brev. IV.27.5

Once Marius put an end to the Jugurthine War…

Acti sunt et duo triumphi de Iugurtha,

    primus per Metellum,

    secundus per Marium

    Ante currum tamen Marii

Iugurtha cum duobus filiis ductus est catenatus

et mox iussu consulis in carcere strangulatus est





  • triumphi: Usually successful Roman generals, who had won a decisive victory over a foreign enemy and had killed over 5,000 of the enemy, celebrated triumphs.
  • Metellum ... Marium: Metellus after his successful war in Numidia was awarded the cognomen Numidicus, had coins minted in his honor, and was honored with a triumph. Marius was also honored with a triumph on account of his successful capture of Jugurtha. This war planted the seeds of rivalry between Marius and Sulla, champions of two political factions: the Populares, who favored the cause of the common man and the Optimates, who favored the ruling class of aristocrats.
  • Jugurtha cum duobus filiis: Proceeding from the Campus Martius to the temple of Juiter Capitolinus — as seen here — the general rode on a gilded chariot with a procession of soldiers, spoils, and prisoners of war.
  • in carcere: Jugurtha died of starvation in the state prison, the Tullianum, in 104 BCE.

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