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Aulus Cluentius

A Samnite general, defeated at the Battle of Nola by Sulla during the Social War.

In 89 BCE, Aulus Cluentius boldly pitched his camp near Sulla, who attacked Cluentius for his insolence. Though Sulla was at first diverted without the help of his foragers, his second attack led to Cluentius' defeat. Cluentius withdrew, but he did not surrender. Having received Gallic reinforcements, he moved to attack Sulla again. However, when a Gaul of enormous size advanced and challenged any Roman to single combat and, moreover, was defeated, the Gauls fled. The rest of Cluentius' forces fled to Nola. Sulla killed 3,000 in pursuit and 20,000 were said to have been killed outside the walls, Cluentius included.

Attalus Entry: Cluentius1


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