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Gnaeus Papirius Carbo

A military general and strong supporter of Marius.

In 87 BCE, he was one of Marius' generals, who surrounded Rome. He was a consul in 85 BCE, 84 BCE, and again in 82 BCE. During his first two consulships with Lucius Cornelius Cinna, they organized a war effort against Sulla in Greece. However, when Cinna, was killed by his troops, Carbo rescinded Cinna’s original orders. A supporter of Marius, he fled to Africa after an indecisive battle with Sulla at Clusium. His army was crushed by Pompey. He then fled to Sicily and then the island of Cossyra, where he was captured, brought before Pompey in chains, and beheaded. His head was sent to Sulla.

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