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Lucius Porcius Cato

An elderly Roman general during the Social War.

Marcus Porcius Cato Lucius Porcius Cato was the grandson of Cato the Elder or “the Censor” and the uncle to the famous Cato the Younger. He was elected praetor in 92 BCE and named consul in 89 BCE alongside Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo. He was given command of the northern theater of the Social War. Cato, who was rather old, had little control over his army, which was from the city. At one point, a soldier, Gaius Titius, began a minor revolt against him when he tried to rebuke them (Cassius Dio, Historiae Romanae 100). He died while storming one of the camps of the Marsians near Lake Fucinus in the winter of 89BCE. He was possibly killed by Gaius Marius the Younger. (Livy, Periochae 75; Appian Bellum Civile 1.50).

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