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Breviarum Historiae Romanae

Text Selections

These text selections from Eutropius' Breviarium Historiae Romanae,
a condensed version of Roman history from the founding of Rome in 753 BCE to the death of Emperor Jovian in 364 CE,
aim to introduce key events and figures of the first and second centuries BCE.


Dynamic Texts

Text selections are indented and visually chunked to help facilitate the reading of the text from left to right.

Interactive Commentary

Grammatical references customizable to a range of elementary textbooks.

Clickable Curated Vocabulary

Based on the most common words in Latin Literature (Diederich's List).

Extensive Background Materials

Interactive timeline, accessible biographical and historical background.

Teaching Materials

Grammatical and Vocabulary activities accompany the text.


About Eutropius & the text

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